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tjeerz appetizers

Fig tart* Figs, puff pastry, nuts and honey. €   8.95
Asparagus, Shrimps, egg, green herbs. €   9.95
Fish salade with smoked salmon, eel and Dutch shrimps. € 11.95
Anti Pasto. Parma, spinata Romana, prosciutto, olives, Parmesan. €   9.95
Roast beef, with hazelnut, beetroot, horseradish, pine nuts and Parmesan. €   9.95


tjeerz soups

Pomodori soup* with crème, pine nuts and arugula. €   6.00
Thai chickensoup, chicken, vegetable, coriander. €   7,25


tjeerz main courses

Couscous*, Courgette, tomato and halloumicheese. €  17,75
Pasta*, Vegetable, creme, Parmesan €  17.75
Risotto, fish, shrimps, shelfish and Parmesan. €  18.75

Mediterranean fish dish, fish, tomato, wine, shellfish.

€  21.75
Hamburger with Black Angus, bacon, wheat bread and pulled pork. €  19.75
Baked duck with pearl barley, orange and pomegranate. €  18.75
Ossobuco, Veal, wine, tomato. €  22.75
Steak (225gr) with Black Angus, red onion, oyster mushrooms, garlic, rosemary €  21.75

Main Course Salads

Salad vegetarien* with grilled vegetable and feta.

€  17,75

Salad fish with smoked salmon, eal and shrimps.

€  17,75

Salad chicken with chicken, nuts and chili.

€  18,75


Dishes with an * are vegetarian or are able to prepared vegetarian


All our main courses are served with salad, chunky chips and mayonnaise. These can be refilled on request.


tjeerz desserts

Toblerone-mousse with raspberry sorbet and whipped cream. €   6.75
Dame Blanche with ganache of dark chocolate. €   6.75
Strawberry with ginger snaps, vanilla icecream and whipped cream. €   6.75
Petit Dame Blanche with ganache of dark chocolate. €   3.95
Cheese board with assorted cheeses.  €   9.75

tjeerz tastings

Port tasting, 3 types of Tawny port. €   7.75
Liquor tasting, choice of old Dutch liquors. €   7.75
Whisky tasting, whisky from 3 different regions. €   8.75

Restaurant Tjeerz
van Welderenstraat 111
6511 MG Nijmegen
twitter: @tjeerz
telefoon: 024-3235440
mobiel: 06-27418997